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Adjectives on the typewriter

he moves his words like a prize fighter

Hi, I'm Diane.
7 February
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"...although everyone becomes conscious of his body as a seperate and complete organism, everyone does not become conscious of himself as a seperate personality. The feeling of apartness from others comes to most with puberty, but it is not always developed to such a degree as to make the difference between the individual and his fellows noticable to the individual. It is such as he , as little concscious of himself as the bee in a hive, who are the lucky in life, for they have the best chance of happiness: their activities are shared by all, and their pleasures are only pleasures because they are enjoyed in common; you will see them on Whit-Monday dancing on Hempstead Heath, shouting at a football match or from club windows in Pall Mall cherring as royal procession. It is because of them that man has been called a social animal."- From Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham

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